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Reflections on Chatting with Lee Laubach

What to listen for:

“I've had lots of people ask me questions about, should you train your dog to tell you that nothing's there. And I was like, no, you should be good enough…Lee knew there was nothing there. But this is the protocol that we use. So we have to do this. And I absolutely don't believe in training your dog to tell you that odor is not available.”

Today the Dames of Detection - Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing - recap their two-part series with Lee Laubach, a professional detection dog handler and Nosework judge. The episodes in this series are #88 and #89. If you haven’t yet, feel free to give those a listen first!

In today’s chat, Robin, Stacy, and Crystal dive deeper into the world of Nosework, exploring the many external elements that can influence a dog's detection ability. From weather impacts to the significance of training dogs to search for specific odors, they leave no stone unturned. They emphasize the importance of connection both on a dog and trainer level and in community in both Arson dog training and beyond.

Key Topics:

  • Intro to Recapping the Chat with Lee (02:24)

  • Becoming a Nosework Judge and Certifying Officials (03:53)

  • Dog Training, Certification, and Weather Impact (08:56)

  • Dog Training and Search and Rescue Work (13:48)

  • Scent Work (19:23)

  • Safety Protocols (23:36)

  • Dog Training and Behavior (28:12)

  • The Importance of Community (33:45)

  • Takeaways (38:15)


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