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Washouts, Work Ethic & Options

What to listen for:

Today, our hosts Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing open up the doors to the Home of Wayward Dog Trainers (Robin’s home). The Dames of Detection are knee-deep in canine detection training, layering skills, understanding scent theory and even tackling vehicle searches. Their journey has been nothing short of amazing and they've learned so much from the challenging and rewarding moments, from difficult conversations about continuing with training to celebrating successes.

As they chat about the growth and development of their own dogs, they emphasize the importance of patience, building relationships, and the crucial role of maturity in their training. They share their insights into the joys and challenges of being an owner, trainer, and handler, as well as the significance of giving their puppies the right level of care. Tune in to hear about one dog's spectacular performance in a search and how maturity played a key role in her success.

Ever considered the range of dog training and sport options? They discuss this in-depth, sharing the inspiring story of Dash, originally a disaster dog who found his calling in bomb detection work. They also discuss the therapeutic yet competitive benefits of nose work as a sport. Finally, they explore the challenges and options in dog training, emphasizing the importance of slowing down the training process and ensuring they have the right dog for the right job. All this and more in this episode of K9 Detection Collaborative!

Key Topics:

  • Life at the Home for Wayward Dog Trainers (1:11)

  • “No Training is Better than Bad Training” (5:47)

  • “Do You Think this is the Right Job for this Particular Dog?” (10:31)

  • Why Puppy Training is So Addictive (16:57)

  • The Value of Taking Breaks (19:56)

  • Thinking Outside the Box (25:14)

  • The Pressure of Working in Agility (33:14)

  • The “Floundering” That Happens When Your Dog is Inconsistent (36:36)

  • Getting a Reliable Dog out the Door (42:05)

  • Intentional Training (44:56)


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