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Boundaries For Our Dogs

What to listen for:

“I don’t randomly run up to people’s kids and start hugging their kids. Why are you doing it to my dog?”

Listen in as our hosts Robin Greubel, Stacy Barnett, and Crystal Wing share how to successfully set and maintain boundaries with our dogs. From blocking off dedicated training time to the importance of managing our dogs' arousal levels to prevent unwanted behaviors, they explore the significance of setting boundaries in different contexts - at home, outdoors, and with (or often, against) people. They also share their experiences with their own dogs and how they've established their own boundaries through behavior.

Join in as they discuss how to safely introduce dogs to new people and other dogs, and how to handle people who may not understand the correct way to interact with dogs. Safety is a priority and they share tips on how to protect our dogs from unexpected interactions with other people and their pets. They also touch on the importance of being hyper-vigilant when in crowded areas.

Tune in as the Dames of Detection explore the importance of trust in dog handling, from safely handing over your leash to someone else, to understanding an instructor's style before starting training. They also cover how to handle demand barkers and how to give your dog a job. All this and more on this episode of the K9 Detection Collaborative.

Key Topics:

  • Boundaries with Dogs: Introduction (01:07)

  • Setting Boundaries with People Who Want to Say Hi (06:48)

  • Not Having Boundaries Can Lead to Degradation of Your Training (19:18)

  • Boundaries for Our Dogs and Consistency (20:44)

  • Boundaries Between Different Ages and Breeds of Dogs (26:56)

  • Handling Other People’s Dogs (34:22)

  • Takeaways (48:51)


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