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Questions from the Crowd - Winter 2023 Pt 1

What to listen for:

“If you have a good reinforcement system, it really doesn't take long. And that reinforcement system is how you pay the dog for doing whatever work you're asking it to do. And you actually have to teach and learn how your dog likes to be reinforced.”

Whether it be Robin’s knee surgery or Crystal’s voiceless bout with a nasty cold, it’s been tough for all the Dames of Detection to unite for episode recordings these days. But that won’t stop them from bringing you value-packed episodes you’ve grown accustomed to hearing.

Today, Robin and Stacy answer listener questions on topics ranging from fun questions around accidental training, to new puppy strategies, nosework, verbal cues, and everything in between! Check it out, and don’t miss next week as they take on more questions in part 2!

Key Topics:

  • Intro and Update (00:31)

  • Marking an Article Indication for AKC Tracking (01:52)

  • “What is something you accidentally taught due to poor timing?” (05:46)

  • Things Trained That Aren’t Sport or Work-Related, but Useful or Fun (10:14)

  • “Do verbal cues even matter as much as we think they do?” (13:00)

  • Questions for Stacy Around Nosework (19:40)

  • Robin and Stacy’s Approaches to New Puppy Training (25:36)

  • “Do you reinforce blank searches just as enthusiastic as non-blank searches (39:22)

  • “Can you talk about when you reinforce when they are still in an unconscious state in a search before the indication?” (41:21)

  • “What classes would you recommend someone start with on your website?” (45:43)


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