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Reflections on Odor/Scent Science with Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff

Today, Crystal, Stacy, and Robin reflect on their conversation with Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff. They revisit some of their favorite topics, like the DustBuster-turned-scent vacuum. They discuss best practices in making collector and explore their own trials and errors in attempting to perfect it. Robin shares her experiences at body farms and explains how they function and how they serve cadaver dogs. They explore how drugs affect cadaver odor and what responses they elicit from dogs. Then, they dive into training aids, highlighting a webinar from Michele Maughan, before sharing their own experiences with them.

Crystal, Stacy, and Robin then talk about Lauryn’s career path and their own anecdotes from the wild world of networking. They discuss the hustle of working in the canine industry and mastering the balance between their puppy lives and their personal lives. Stacy outlines the pros of using a GoPro for training. Robin outlines the benefits of being a connector and shares some of her favorite connecting conversations.

They jump back into discussing Lauryn, revisiting their conversation about the movement of odor. In wrapping up, they explore the accuracy of theories and how they make predictions based on a dog’s behavior history.

Key Topics:

  • DustBuster scent vacuums (01:09)

  • Making the perfect collector (3:17)

  • Body farms (5:46)

  • Precision explosives (11:48)

  • How drugs affect cadaver odor (13:45)

  • Training aids (15:43)

  • Career path reflections (18:01)

  • GoPro pros (32:37)

  • Connectors (35:13)

  • Odor movement (50:50)

  • Theories and predictions (43:09)


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