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A Little Bit of Everything

What to listen for:

What do you get when you combine fascinating canine adventures, valuable lessons learned, and a supportive community of dog handlers? An incredible couple of months filled with learning opportunities and unforgettable experiences! Join our Detection Dog Training Trio as they discuss recent adventures at Muscatatuck, K9SciCon, and beyond.

In this episode, Robin Greubel, Crystal Wing and Stacy Barnett dive into the world of canine sports, comparing protection sports with Flyball and emphasizing the importance of play for our four-legged friends. They discuss the foundational skills of both sports, and how impulse control, drive, and motivation are essential for success. Plus, they chat about the amazing community of handlers from different sports like Mondioring, IGP, and Nosework, who come together to help each other grow.

Key Topics:

  • Robin’s Recap of Muscatatuck (01:46)

  • Crystal’s Work with Denise Fenzi and Trip to California (06:41)

  • Stacy’s Colorado Trip and Powder’s Performance (14:46)

  • Train the Trainer Seminars this Summer (20:46)

  • Adjusting from Mistakes and Stacy’s Summit Success (23:35)

  • Reflecting on Runs and Changing Mindset for Success (32:22)

  • The Concept of Being a Student (36:43)

  • The Power of “Tinkering” (37:57)

  • Asking Other Trainers “What would you do?” (44:41)


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