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Summits, Certifications and Travel Part 2

What to listen for:

“I think I've made a lot of personal growth. I was okay with it. I was like, ‘you know, what? Yeah, it's a bummer.’ Powder did the best she could have done and I'm human. And you know, what, 15 seconds? Well, whatever, who cares? And so then the next summit the next weekend, she won high in trial.”

Our hosts Stacy Barnett, Robin Greubel, and Crystal Wing share their latest experiences and accomplishments in canine detection training. In this part-two episode, Robin and Stacy continue their stories, wins, and lessons learned from recent summits and recertification.

The Dames of Detection dig deeper into their recent experiences so we can learn from their wins and struggles. Our hosts bring us into their shoes, reminding us of the personal growth and mental preparation required for such high-stakes competitions and certifications.

Key Topics:

  • Intro to Part 2 on Summits, Certifications, and More (0:00:52)

  • Standout Moments During Recertification (0:01:34)

  • Getting Past Basic Skills and on to the Fun Stuff (0:06:24)

  • Starting the Test and Protocol (0:10:11)

  • Bonding During Recertification (0:15:55)

  • Robin’s Goals and Challenges after Recertification (0:19:10)

  • Missing the Cutoff by just 15 Seconds (0:21:04)

  • Having Three Trials Back-to-back (0:27:24)

  • A Memorable Search that Stands Out to Stacy (0:35:28)

  • Blank Areas and Bonus Points (0:43:29)

  • Balancing the Competitive Nature of Dog Trials with the Joy of Participating (0:53:21)

  • Stacy’s Goals and Challenges She’s Excited About (0:56:51)

  • Wrap-up and Upcoming Events and Classes! (0:58:22)


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