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Takeaways from February to July 2022

What to listen for:

In the first part of this two-part series, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal share their biggest takeaways from previous episodes of the podcast, covering everything from training best practices to the importance of mindset and relationships to your success as a K9 trainer!

Key Topics:

  • Our hosts’ best advice for all trainers (01:49)

  • Taking pressure off of yourself and paying attention to your dog (05:04)

  • Building a relationship with your dog (10:05)

  • The D’s of Detection (16:40)

  • Getting clear on your definition of success and on who your dog is and isn’t (17:38)

  • The woes and joys of transitioning K9 partners (20:22)

  • Knowing what motivates your dog by knowing what DOESN’T motivate them (24:00)

  • Training for balance and consistency (28:43)

  • MUTC 2022 Cadaver Dog Training reflections and revelations (32:04)

  • Training yourself to notice the minutiae of your dog’s behaviors (35:35)

  • Finding your tribe by honoring your dog and being a good human (38:11)

  • Thinking of “engagement” as a skill that needs to be built (46:15)

  • Expectations, relationships, and gratitude (47:36)

  • Managing your adolescent puppy by managing your expectations, and environment (52:01)

  • Creating value in your hunt (54:30)

  • The importance of reflection and relationships (59:35)

Episodes we mentioned in this episode:

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