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Reflections on 50 Episodes!

What to listen for:

Carrying on along the same lines as last week’s discussion on gratefulness, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal sit down to talk about K9 Detection Collaborative’s greatest hits so far - this time in celebration of 50 episodes of the podcast!

Our hosts look back on previous episodes to single out those lasting “ah-ha” moments, both from each other and from guests. They also highlight the ideas and topics that have garnered the best feedback from listeners.

Finally, they give their thoughts on the future of the podcast, capping off with, “If we can continue to have productive training conversations, the dog world will be much better off!”

Key Topics:

  • When our guest Tabitha emphasized the importance of having a relationship with your dog (03:29)

  • Dr. Lauryn DeGreeff’s comments on odor soaks: molecules stick to cotton better than they do to polyester (06:17)

  • Holly’s camera metaphor (09:27)

  • Jo-Rosie’s greatest hits (11:02)

  • Emily’s tracking lessons (12:27)

  • Amy’s inspiration behind Nose Work (14:28)

  • Our favorite moments from “The Ds of Detection” (17:09)

  • Words matter: fluency and soft (power) skills (21:38)

  • Celebrating our social media followers (24:40)

  • Don’t trust your dog; trust your training (31:14)

  • Our K9 gear episode (35:58)

  • Having your own “board of directors” (37:35)

  • How our “why”s have changed since starting the podcast (41:41)

  • What’s next for the podcast? (46:26)


Episodes we mentioned in this episode:

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