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Takeaways from August 2022 to January 2023

What to listen for:

In the second part of this two-part series, Stacy, Robin, and Crystal share their biggest takeaways from previous episodes of the podcast, covering everything from Odor Hygiene to Incentive Salience Theory to imposter syndrome in K9 training, and more!

Key Topics:

  • The Dames of Detection answer questions from the K9 community (01:19)

  • Distraction Camp 2022 (12:38)

  • Training your detection dog with a purpose (17:33)

  • Incentive Salience Theory with Jo-Rosie (24:43)

  • The importance of odor hygiene (29:41)

  • Competitive tracking and confidence training with Emily Lawrence (32:05)

  • Our hosts answer more questions from the K9 community (38:20)

  • “Dreamers, doers and self-care” from the surprise ambush episode (40:40)

  • K9 cross-training and what our hosts do with their dogs outside of traditional training (43:27)

  • Why words matter in K9 training (44:51)

  • Amy Herot: Co-founder of K9 Nose Work (48:53)

  • Being intentional in K9 handling (50:58)

  • Setting goals based on gratitude (54:09)

  • Imposter syndrome in the K9 training world (58:51)

  • Remembering episode 50, the highlight episode (01:03:07)

Episodes we mentioned in this episode:

We want to hear from you:

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